What are your check in and checkout times?

You can check in any time around 3pm. Check out time is by 11:00 am. If you arrive before 3pm you may wait at the hotel, in our spacious, well appointed coffee shop, or in our lounge. You are also welcome to leave your luggage at the hotel until your room is ready. If your room is not ready before 3.30pm we will offer you a free drink immediately.


Will you really cover us in honey when we check in?

Only if it is your birthday. We would like you to provide the honey yourself. We have our own spatulas.


Can I have a ninja wakeup call?

Ninja wake up calls are only available as part of the Bulldog hotel holiday romance package. Details of this service are available behind the water tank in the ladies toilet on the 2nd floor. If you are interested in this offer, please bring two passport-sized photos, details of your measurements on the back of a small envelope, and the results of a recent HIV test.


Do you have internet access?

Yes. We have free wireless and some computers free to use. We also have alcoholic drinks, tropical fishes and your favourite cookies.


How do we make a reservation?

1)You can book directly on our website! Please go to the first page
2) If you can t find what you want please call us at: 00 31 20 620 38 22
3) Per e-mail: in case of a group
4) If you would like to book directly on our website (secured server), realize we only have 40% online. Please contact us immediately if you catch zero!


What about groups?

We have a perfect ambiance for groups but we do not accept reservations for stag nights or sport tours, soccer fans for (inter)national matches and large groups of males.
Read the above carefully because in the event of a false booking, there will be no check-in and no refund! We also advice to read Term & Conditions as we have (also to maintain this perfect ambiance) some strict rules.


Do I need a credit card to make a reservation?

Yes. If you do not have a credit card, please ask a friend or relative to borrow theirs. We won't charge anything to your card until you arrive, so you can decide upon arrival to pay by card or cash. Bookings made through our online service will be charged a small non-refundable fee. Please also read Terms & Conditions.


It is also possible to pay a deposit directly into our bank account?

Only with groups. Please contact us if you like to do this. You have to fax a copy of the transaction receipt to make your reservation final. A returned fax by our Bulldog crew is a confirmed reservation. If you want to make a large reservation (more than 20 people,) go for it!


Will you charge our card right away or... “I have to cancel, my au-pair got suddenly pregnant!”

We prefer cash on arrival. The Bulldog Hotel will not charge your credit card upon registration of your reservation. However you will be charged one night stay if no notice of cancellation is given 72 hours prior to booked date (so called no-show) A cancellation can only be made per email. We also charge your card for the first night if you want to stay with us during New Year's Eve.


How will we know if our reservation is final?

We will give you a booking number for reference. If you do not have a booking reference, you do not have a reservation. When your credit card information is not correct, the reservation is not valid without further notice.

Can we bring our dog/canary/alligator?

Pets and kids (under 18) are not allowed inside the hotel. If you like, you are welcome to tie them up outside.


Can I bring my own food and drinks in your Lounge/Bar?

Only when the bar is not open. You can eat/drink everything you want in our lobby!  We also have a nice roof terrace to meet in secret and enjoy your snacks and drinks.
Opening times lounge:  from early till late.


How do we get to your hostel from the airport?

You can either take a taxi (approx. € 45.00) or a train (€ 4,00 per person.)

We recommend taxis with the sign; TCA or Schiphol Service.

How do I get to the hotel from the train station?

Estimated walking time, 8 to 9 minutes. For the elderly persons, ½ hour, including some wrong turns. For the pervert, you may never make it if you do not force yourself not to step inside the store with the big dildo in the window. When you exit from the front of Central Station, you will see a big street in front of you called Damrak. You can't miss it. Go down Damrak until you come to 'Dam.' This is a big square, Damsquare. Continue walking straight to the other side of the square. Here you will find a bewildered, yet wise homeless Hopi Indian. Buy him a falafel and he will give you a piece of sage advice. Turn left and keep walking until you see Damstreet. Keep walking in a very straight line, you have nearly arrived. The first canal you come to is called Oudezijds Voorburgwal. Don't waste time trying to pronounce it right away. Turn left; we are on the left side, about 100 meters up, next to the Bulldog Energy Coffeeshop.


We are travelling by car!

That is a nasty one. We do not have a parking garage (we would be rich by now). Parking around the hotel will costs you € 5 per hour. We advise you to park your car at:  P+R (Park&Ride). These are supervised car parks on the outskirts of the city. You can find these Amsterdam P+R locations by means of the P+R signs along the A1, A2, and the A10 ring road.  We recommend P + R Zeeburg (S114). Go direction Centre and before the tunnel turn left. Transport tickets (streetcar) are for free (maximum 5 people) and you are in 10 minutes in the Centre.

We also have a car pick up service at the hotel (€ 21 per day)!!


What about the movie lounge? I like exciting films...

Do you? Our hotel is located in the heart of Amsterdam's unusual movie district. Whether you want to watch a remake of Star Wars with more goats and chickens than the original, or star in a production of your own (bring your handcuffs, applesauce and battery operated vacuum cleaner) everything is possible here. Our hotel has a full range of studio facilities, a big darkroom, and of course, our deluxe video cockpits. Here you can choose from a very wide variety of sometimes slightly disturbing programs, 24 hours a day.
You can also challenge your new friends and play Wii!


What about the holiday romance package?

That can be arranged. For an additional fee we will search local cafes and bars for an exotic drunken foreigner with the scent of garlic on his/her breath and an ass to die for. The following morning (or directly after the act if you prefer,) our fully qualified receptionists will burst into your room, dressed as ninja assassins to wake you up (so you do not miss your plane) and to chase away the greasy devil that, only hours before pleasured you so exquisitely with his skillful tongue and fingers.


Is Breakfast included?

Yes. From 7:30-10:00 am or till it runs out, so be early. Think of your fellow traveller and stop stuffing yourself like a maniac. Also it's not allowed to build lunch packages for takeout or for the Salvation Army.


"Do you have a garden? I like to stare at plants.."

We are still waiting for permission to create a roof top pony trekking centre. In the mean time you are allowed to enjoy our roof terrace on the fourth floor with some colourful and tropical plants or to stare at some real Dutch clouds between 09.00-23.00


"Are sheets included?"

Yes! We will even make your bed! If you stay 3 nights or more we will most likely change the sheets. Towels are for free at the reception.


"Do you guys serve food?"

We want to be a home away from home (not seriously) for Bulldog lovers with limited funds and our cook is carefully selected to create this atmosphere. We will promise you however not to laugh when we see you eating bread with peanut butter 3 times a day for a week. Hungry? Check our Food & Drinks!


Is your place cool with hard drugs?

No we are not. If you possess or use hard drugs in our hostel we will check you out. Immediately. Some other tips:

1. Do not combine different kind of drugs  => 4 deadly victims each month.
2. Do not buy anything on the street  => could be poisoned heroin.
3. Never leave your glass unnoticed => imagine what could happen.
4. Hard drugs + alcohol = => can result in dehydration or heart attack.
5. Smoked too much marihuana or hash? => get fresh air. Eat a candy.

6. Be careful for fast bikes and streetcars! => they don’t break


I would love to give some feedback!

Feedback is of utmost importance to us (positive as negative). We aim to provide you a great hospitality experience. Even if you may not even remember it! We would like to know how we measured up to your expectations in the ratings of booking engines. Or sent us an e-mail: 


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